How do you become unstoppable?


By letting go of your attachments… to everything.

A specific deal

A business venture


Your status


Your wealth


A friend


Whatever it is, unless you are comfortable losing it, you become a slave to it.


Going out into the world working hard every day to create wealth and build influence to better your family and others is a noble task.


The issue comes when this new found wealth and status becomes something you prop your identity on, when it becomes something that defines you.


As you are reading this, close your eyes and imagine something you have worked hard for slipping away…

What emotions do you feel?

What actions would you do to avoid the loss?

How far would you go to avoid the loss, would you lie? cheat? steal? treat someone poorly?
Now let all those emotions and thoughts fall away, come back to zero, come back to equanimity.


We become more powerful and effective leaders when we are authentically ourselves.


When we are fearless of being stripped of accolades, status, or money, we start seeing more clearly, we start treating people better, solving problems calmly and effectively.


Power comes from our core, the strength of our mental foundation, our belief in ourselves.


When you no longer fear loss, you become unstoppable.