The Flight Leadership Development Program and Take Flight - Leadership Launch are the prime catalysts for the explosive growth and stabilized operational scaling of Flight Building.

Construction is a people-intensive business, without strong leaders consistently honing their skills while developing the next generation, the organization would be doomed to a future of mediocrity.

The importance and power of these two programs is understood and felt throughout the entire organization. They are central to our flywheel and what makes us unique as a construction company. Every organization can benefit from some sort of leadership development so we give away our materials and structure for free to any of our vendor partners that have interest in implementing one.

Flight LDP and Take Flight – Leadership Launch are getting attention on a national scale because of how central they were to the success of Flight Building. Flight leaders are speaking at events and actively helping others implement these programs. When those around us are getting better and growing because of this knowledge, that only makes us stronger.


Leadership is the cornerstone of everything we do at Flight, it is a core value and our secret sauce to growth, accountability, stability, and the reason we have been able to scale at this speed. We are cognizant of John Maxwell’s “Law of the Lid”, our growth as an organization will never exceed our ability to develop and nurture leadership skills within our walls. We also talk often about Jocko Willink’s many “Dichotomies of Leadership”. The dynamic leaders within Flight Building effectively balance each of their leadership traits that are authentic to themselves – this authenticity breeds an organization of trust, clarity, and purpose.


New Book Once a Month

focused towards growth, leadership, and accountability. We believe that knowledge is power and in order to get where we want to go this is essential.

Early Mornings

Book club discussions are always held in the morning. We chat, drink coffee, and just enjoy each other's company.

Never Stop Learning

We believe that knowledge is power and in order to get where we want to go this is essential.


This is a collaborative time for the team to bond and gain insight on each other's perspectives.